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Our Five Year Craftsmanship Guarantee 

Commencing upon completion date for a period of 5 years for the repair of roofing system, external or internal structure, or any other work completed by Hubbard's Cabins, LLC due to improper installation or predetermined construction codes. Hubbard’s Cabins, LLC agrees to complete any and all repairs within 3-5 business days, permitting weather, and any and all materials that may need to be ordered in order to perform repairs efficiently.


Hubbard’s Cabins, LLC also agrees to repair any inspection issues the customer may have (if the structure was built to engineer specifications), within 3-5 business days. (see permitting details above)


1. The owner shall notify the warrantor of any leak, defect, failure or deficiency, which is discovered by the owner within ten (10) days of the discovery. If the leak, defect, failure or deficiency is covered by this warranty, the warrantor shall then have the right to immediately inspect and repair the problem hereunder.


1. Damage to the roofing, property, building or contents caused by fire, distortions or any other failure of the building, natural causes including floods, lightning, high winds, hail, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, or extraordinary or unusual events.

2. Vandalism, penetration, damages or attacks to the unit by third parties or foreign objects or agents including plant or animal life.

3. Damage caused by alteration or addition to encroachment upon erection of a structure on the unit or any use of the unit other than it's original intended purpose.

                                                     - The Owner

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