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"The BIG Difference"

A Statement From The Owner

     Here at Hubbard's Cabins, our cabins are fully sheeted, weather wrapped, and wood glued from the floor up. Across 48' our buildings have no swag or give to them whatsoever. That is what sets us aside from the competition. "There is NO competition" when comparing our products. We take great pride in what we do. 


     Our floor joists are doubled and glued together every 4ft, the whole length of each building. 


     Our band boards are doubled, glued, and screwed together the whole length of the building. 


     We ensure strength, durability, and quality in every aspect of what we do. While the others are cutting corners to make an extra dollar, we will gladly do whatever it takes to make you happy! We strive for excellent customer service. 


     I stopped by one of our competitors to look at a 2-story cabin and this is what I noticed; they are built with 2x4 untreated wood for the floor joists (very weak), the flooring is not glued down or together, and the walls aren't sheeted. They are simply wrapped with Tyvek weather wrap and the log siding is nailed straight to the studs, versus being sheeted, fully enclosed, and airtight… this makes it very hard to heat/cool and would absolutely have leaks. The roof is also not sheeted, just lathed with 2x4's. This is what makes the roof light enough to set it up on delivery. It was actually raining when I was viewing it, and the interior was wet from all of the leaks. If you stand back at the road to look at the cabin, you will notice there is a 4 inch swag in the middle. After moving the building there would be more like a 6-8 inch swag. We aren't trying to throw off our competitor's product, we are just simply pointing out what makes our product different from the rest. 


     We will use our last dollar to give you the best you can get. We make our money by selling in volume versus making a huge amount on one sale. We here at Hubbard's Cabins want to earn your business, not take it. 


     We build all of our cabins by hand, there is no assembly line. Just craftsmanship at its finest. We do have a 5-year craftsmanship guarantee on all of our structures! We will do everything we can to build a cabin you will be proud of. We always ensure that we will go above and beyond to build a cabin that is just what the owner has envisioned and will be proud to own!


     When you purchase from Hubbard's Cabins, you are "OUR FAMILY" and you will NOT be disappointed!

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